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——– WINDDROVER ——– Bullet Proof


——– Austmans ——– Everybody’s Talkin‘


——– WINDDROVER ——– Gossip n Scandal


——– WINDDROVER ——– Highly Irresistible


July 2021

There is stuff to tell. Some bad, most good:

°Austmans Everybody's Talkin' *Erin* stayed empty :(
We got her eyes tested again (CERF) and she came back clear. Now it's back to the drawing board..

°WindDrover Gossip N Scandal *Kono* is in whelp :)
We expect her babies around the 6th August.

°WindDrover Good Vibrations * Karla* now will start in A1 in Agility. Way to go!!

°WindDrover Highly Irresistible *Jinx* was rated with HD-B1 (good) and ED-normal

UPDATE - °WindDrover Hold The Line *Quill* was rated: HD 3:3 (FCI A2) and ED-normal by the BVA (British Veterinary Association)


Es gibt Neuigkeiten bei uns, teils schlecht aber überwiegend erfreulich:

°Austmans Everybody's Talkin' *Erin* ist leer geblieben :(
Wir waren bereits wieder mit ihr zur Spaltlampenuntersuchung und ihre Augen sind immernoch frei. Wir planen jetzt mit ihr noch eine Bedeckung im Winter.

°WindDrover Gossip N Scandal *Kono* ist tragend :)
Wir erwarten ihre Welpen um den 6. August.

°WindDrover Good Vibrations * Karla* wird ab jetzt im Agility in A1 starten. Super Leistung!

°WindDrover Highly Irresistible *Jinx* wurde mit HD-B1 und ED-normal ausgewertet.

UPDATE – °WindDrover Hold The Line *Quill* wurde in England mit HD-3:3 (A2) und ED-normal ausgewertet.

Who we are

... and what we do
Form follows function

Since January 2007 our kennel is approved by the German kennel club (VDH) and our kennel name registered and protected through the FCI. Pups born in our kennel get VDH/FCI papers.
We live in our wooden house in Ostfriesland, in Northern Germany.
We are located about 40km from the Dutch border.
Originally from southern Germany we moved up north because of Alex’ job. His passion are our girls Piper and Erin, his hobbies are playing the keyboard in his band, cars and computers. Basically he loves everything mecanical and if there is oil in it, all the better. Whenever he is at home he loves to take care of his family, both 2 leggers and 4.

I work part time as a vet nurse and have a full time job at home, keeping our house with all the critters living there, running smoothly. We have an American quarter horse (living at our friends farm), chickens and our little pack of Australian Cattle Dogs. Our fur and feathered friends run the property together and get along quite well. My animals are my life and i take my responsibility for them very seriously.

Alex and I both are USDDN (dog frisbee) judges level 2.

My dogs are my constant companions. They live in our home with us. They are not kenneled. As in all breeds, over the years different characteristics developed in different bloodlines. Therefore there are differences in the existing lines within a breed.
We selected our dogs bloodlines because they
- fit the breed standard (mid sized, well balanced, harmonic)
- have a kind character
- have good temperament and are not given to excess agression
-resemble the original Australian Cattle Dog.

I train mantrailing with our Piper (WindDrover Bullet Proof) as well as with Erin (Austmans Everybody’s Talkin’ ). For fun Alex starts at dog frisbee tournaments with Piper in Toss & Fetch and our friend’s 13 yrs daughter qualified for the German Finals DDCG 2016 in open class with Erin after basically no training whatsoever.
Beside this they are my dog alarm as soon as something suspicious is going on on the property.

My main focus in breeding lies with balanced, even tempered dogs that can be used for rescue work, agility, sports and confirmation. Of course all our breeding animals have complete health checks and the puppies will be fully socialized, vaccinated, dewormed and chipped when going to their new homes.

We are extremely proud of our offspring. They confirm, that I am on the right way to achieve what I was hoping for.

Our puppies are wonderful family and companion dogs, internationally successful in disc dog, show a lot of talent on sheep, earn their living working cattle, A-plus students in obedience, run their hearts out in agility-parcours, live with heavily handicapped children, work as therapy-dogs and present themselves well in the showring.

Kennel History

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About us

The human members of our family
Karin Sänger
Karin Sänger
My obsession for Australian Cattle Dogs led us to breeding these wonderful, challenging and faithful dogs. My main focus in breeding lies with balanced, even tempered dogs that can be used for rescue work, agility, sports and confirmation.
Alex Sänger
Alex Sänger
The guy behind the technical realisation and best coffe maker.